Kinsey and the Erotic Dancing Princess
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 12, 2007 - 7:46:33 PM

During the day, Princess Damita is an obedient daughter and tolerates her father’s extreme protectiveness. At night she sneaks from her locked room and finds her way to the local village. It’s on these nightly journeys that she experiences life as a normal woman. Unfortunately, her father has discovered evidence of her nightly ventures and has issued a bounty to the man who can tell him what she does each night.

The king spreads the word that he will reward the man who can tell him what Damita does each night when she sneaks out. He’ll be allotted three nights and if he’s successful, he’ll receive his weight in gold. If he fails then he shall become the king’s slave until he’s worked off an amount equal to his weight - one week per pound.

Many men accept the challenge and fail. It isn’t until Kinsey arrives that Princess Damita takes more than a passing interest in the man who’s supposed to be stalking her. Kinsey desperately needs the gold promised for successfully uncovering and reporting the Princess’s activities each night. Will he succeed where others have failed? Will he even want to report Damita’s destination to her father after meeting her?

Tonya Romagos' KINSEY AND THE EROTIC DANCING PRINCESS treats readers to a whimsical fairy tale with an adult overture. I loved the whole idea behind this story and got a real chuckle from Damita's mother's role in her escapades. Damita and Kinsey make an excellent couple. They're both quick-witted and possess a passion for life which boils over into how they interact with each other. Kinsey finds himself in a really difficult position since he can't lie to the King and definitely doesn't want to tell him what Damita does when she goes out at night. Pick up a copy of KINSEY AND THE EROTIC DANCING PRINCESS and discover the pleasures to be found when you follow your heart.

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