Kiss Me Hello - Sweetest Kisses series, book 3
By Dottie
Mar 11, 2015 - 2:44:09 PM

Sidonie Lindstrom has just relocated to a farmhouse with Luis, a quiet boy she is fostering. Luis has been shuffled around to eight different foster homes already and Sid wants her home to be his last. She has tried to talk him into letting her adopt him, but for reasons of his own, he refuses. While Sid struggles with a lazy, uncaring caseworker, getting used to farm life after spending all her time in the city and dwindling funds, she worries that she may end up losing Luis. With both of her parents and her brother now dead, Sid is left on her own. She cannot bear to lose Luis too. Her experiences in dealing with the foster system and her problems with her brother's estate have left Sid with a hatred of lawyers. Then two gigantic horses end up in her yard and she has to call someone to take them away.

Attorney/farrier Mackenzie, the oldest Knightley brother, feels like everyone has someone except him. He and his two brothers are lawyers who have combined their individual specialties to form their own business. His two brothers have already found love, which just makes him lonelier. Finishing up with the horses for the therapeutic riding program, Mac volunteers to answer the call for help from a nearby neighbor. But the sight that greets him upon arrival leaves him stunned. He remembers these horses from the past, but the last place he expects to find them is at the farm where he grew up.

Startled by the two behemoth horses on her land, newcomer Sidonie Lindstrom calls the nearby therapeutic riding program for help in moving them. Expecting one of their staff, Sid is startled to see the good looking stranger who arrives in their stead. He is built on the same scale as the horses, only lean. Still, she is stunned when he calls the horses by name. Sid is certain she is about to be eaten by the horses, so the man's lack of fear makes her question whether he possesses any brains. Now elderly, the two horses had at one time been state champions and unless she takes them in, they may end up as dog food. Although Sid is attracted to Mac, she is not interested in getting involved. But it seems like every time she is in trouble or needs Mac, he is there.

Mac is very attracted to Sid, so when he hears how she feels about lawyers, he doesn't admit that he is one. Instead, he tells her he is a farrier or horseshoer, which is his sideline job. As their feelings for each other deepen, Mac begins to think of the future, but what will Sid do when she discovers that not only is Mac a lawyer, but he has been hiding this information from her? Will Mac and his brothers be able to help Sid keep Luis?

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Grace Burrowes has taken the contemporary field by storm with her SWEETEST KISSES series, starring the three Knightley brothers. The latest one, KISS ME HELLO, the third book of this collection, is a sweet, heartwarming romance that readers cannot help but enjoy. Mac is very perceptive, especially when it comes to Sid, and he is wonderful with Luis. I also liked Sid and her love for Luis. Together, Mac and Sid have a definite chemistry and the sparks fly whenever they are near each other.

Bureaucratic red tape, loss, complications, humor, a touching storyline, realistic dialogue, sizzling passion, romance and love intertwine for an unforgettable story. Although all three novels in this series are a joy to read, this one may be the best yet. As a longtime fan of Ms. Burrowes' work, I am eager to see what she comes up with next. No matter what genre she tackles, Ms. Burrowes writes from the heart and the result is always delightful. Treat yourself to a copy of KISS ME HELLO today. I am sure you will love it as much as I did.

Although this story can be read as a standalone, for additional insight into the series and further enjoyment, you may also want to pick up the first two books in this series, A SINGLE KISS and THE FIRST KISS, as well as the two prequel novellas, KISS AND TELL and A KISS FOR LUCK.

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