Kiss Me All Over
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 19, 2009 - 1:03:04 PM

Amara Hart had been a successful real estate agent up until she broke up with her lover and boss Terrence.  Since then she’s encountered a string of problems including two real estate jobs at companies which mysteriously got bought out by TJ Realty Corporation.  She’s in dire straits and with her brother still in rehabilitation after a near fatal skiing accident it’s more imperative than ever that she come up with the means to pay for his care.  Oh and then there’s the little matter of her apartment, utilities, and car repairs and of course, a girl’s got to eat too.  

Bryce Davidson is Terrence’s friend and business partner at TJ Realty.  He’s well aware of the romantic relationship Amara and Terrence shared up until she broke it off with him – and lost her job – but that’s never stopped him from admiring her graceful beauty or wondering about what had happened to her after leaving the realty office.  When he goes for an art class and sees her posing as a nude model he can’t resist talking with her or helping her out when he learns just how dire her situation has become.


Amara’s relationship with Terrence didn’t end on the best of terms.  Terrence’s lies, omission and possessive attitude were more than Amara was willing to tolerate but she never thought that he would go so far out of his way to destroy her life after they split up.  She’d only met Bryce a few weeks before being terminated from TJ Realty but all the women in the office admired him and she’d enjoyed talking with him during the short time they worked together.  She didn’t know him very well so having him act in such a chivalrous and helpful manner now that she desperately needs help really endears him to her.  Her only concern is that Bryce and Terrence are friends as well as business partners and after everything she’s experienced with Terrence she’s afraid that his association with her is going to cause a rift between the men.  That doesn’t stop her from being attracted to Bryce but acting on it is something totally different. 


Just when it looks like Amara’s financial situation couldn’t get any worse, Terrence offers to rehire her at her former position at TJ Realty.  He’s got his own reasons for wanting her close.  She’s very good at her job as a realty agent but he’s more interested in getting her back into his bed and even though she’s already told him she isn’t now nor will she ever be interested in warming his sheets he refuses to accept defeat.  Just wait until he finds out about the growing relationship between Bryce and Amara, then he’ll really flip out!


Loure Bussey Jackson’s KISS ME ALL OVER delves into the myriad of human nature with stunning clarity.  Amara’s financial and emotional distress draws readers to her especially once she and Bryce hook up.  Bryce’s dedication to helping the ‘underdog’ and less fortunate makes him a modern day hero and absolutely lovable.  One of the things that really kept my attention throughout this storyline was Terrence’s underhanded maneuvering and wondering how he would react once he realizes that his best friend and ‘the woman he loves’ are an item. 

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