Most Eligible Bachelor, Book 1 - Kiss Me If You Can
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 1, 2010 - 12:24:37 PM

New York crime beat reporter Sam Cooper (a.k.a. Coop) was only acting on instinct when he thwarted a burglary at a jewelry store.  The last thing he expects is to be offered a reward or to end up becoming the focus of The Bachelor Blogs.  His neat orderly life has been thrust into chaos – with a deluge of gifts and mail from women hoping to become the next Mrs. Cooper to an unexpected mystery regarding the ring he received as a reward.  The one bright spot in the whole situation is meeting Lexie – she isn’t interested in marrying him though, she wants to buy the ring for her beloved grandmother’s birthday.

Web designer, free spirit and world traveler Lexie Davis doesn’t do commitments and isn’t interested in staying in New York permanently.  She’s focused on helping her grandmother better understand how to use the internet so they can exchange emails while Lexie’s traveling.  With Charlotte’s eightieth birthday quickly approaching she’s been racking her brain trying to come up with the perfect gift for the older woman.  After seeing Charlotte’s reaction to a news program which included a shot of Coop receiving a ring as a reward she decides that it would be perfect – if she can talk Coop into parting with it.


Lexie assumed talking with Coop would be fairly easy but she quickly discovers that he’s not only a hero but has now thanks to the Bachelor Blog he’s one of New York’s most sought after men.  Without an appointment, it’s nearly impossible to talk to him – that’s why Lexie opts to hide in the alley and wait for him to attempt to escape the office unnoticed. 


Coop does exit through the alley lugging a huge box full of gifts from the women vying for his attention.  Letters, risqué photos, skimpy underwear and even handmade goodies – all destined for the garbage bin.  When Lexie makes her presence known he’s afraid one of his crazier admirers has found him but she’s quick to dissuade him from that notion.  All she’s interested in is his ring – well, he is pretty sexy, maybe a little messing around - but definitely not interested in anything more permanent. 


Lexie and Coop agree to meet for drinks.  He’ll bring the ring and she’ll bring a photo of her grandmother wearing the matching necklace and they can discuss the possibility of a deal.  What Lexie is unaware of is that Coop has done some research into the history of the ring and it’s part of a set stolen from a wealthy Manhattan family.  His curiosity and writer’s mind fully intends to find out as much as he can about this unsolved crime – he just never imagined how surprisingly bizarre the case will become or how much he’ll enjoy spending time with Lexie while they attempt to unravel the clues. 


Welcome to Carly Phillips’ latest stimulatingly hot series, MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELORS. With the first story in this series, KISS ME IF YOU CAN, readers are introduced to two characters who at first glance don’t seem to have anything in common but the heat between them is undeniable.   This story is fast paced and chock full of quirky characters who delight the imagination.  I loved how the romance between Lexie and Coop intertwines with the mystery about the stolen jewelry and how Lexie’s grandmother came into possession of the necklace.  Ms. Phillips’ writing often touches me on an emotional level because of the in-depth personal interest she takes in her characters and their problems and it looks like this series is going to be yet another successful endeavor for this much beloved author.


The second title in this series, LOVE ME IF YOU DARE is also now available and we can only hope for more titles to come from this wickedly fun series.


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