Kiss The Year Goodbye
By Rosie Bindra
Nov 1, 2005 - 8:29:00 PM

WHATEVER IT TAKES by Tu-Shonda L. Whitaker
India Parker is done with men.  She’s not going to pray
to Santa Clausto bring her Prince Charming this year.
She’ll just have to ring in the New Year by herself.  So
when she drops by her friends Joan’s house to give
back her camera, the last thing she expected was to
have her friend’s 23-year-old son Devin hit on her.
When he shows up at her doorstep saying he wants a
relationship with her, she doesn’t know if she should
be thanking Santa or running the other way.   Will
things work out with her being 13 years older than 

EVERY NEW YEAR by Brenda L. Thomas
Dr. Cynthia Lampley seems to be busy all the time.
She’s  always either late for things or leaving early
and never has time for her fiancé.  When he gives her
an ultimatum about their New Years vacation, Cyn
knows she has to be on the plane or risk losing her
man.  On the way to the airport however, there’s an
accident and Cynthia loses her memory.  In the
hospital she meets Dr. Alexander Strohmile and things
get hot between them.  Once Cyn gets her memory
back, will she go back to her fiancé or will she want to
stay with Dr. Strohmile?
I PLAY FOR KEEPS by Crystal Lacey Winslow
New Years Eve 2004, after breaking up with his
girlfriend, London meets a woman in A club in Notting
Hill, England but forgets to get her name.  A year later,
back in the States, he meets Jovie but doesn’t
recognize her as the woman he met in England.  They
jump into a relationship quickly and things seem to be
working out until Jovie’s twin starts to cause problems.
Will Jovie and London be able to work it out?
MY BOO by Daaimah S. Poole
Gina is in a committed long-distance relationship with
her boyfriend Chris; the distance is causing problems
though.  Gina feels she doesn’t get to see enough of
her man and when he calls her and says he can’t come
on the weekend because of a snowstorm, she gets
angry and calls up another guy.  Things get even
worse when Chris calls and says he’s quitting his job
to go over-seas for three months with a band he works
with.  Will Chris come around or will Gina discover the
new guy is really the one she’s been waiting for?
Here's a new anthology that's just in time to help get you into the mood for the holidays.  Of the four stories in KISS THE YEAR GOODBYE, I’d have to say that WHATEVER IT TAKES was my favorite.  I suppose what turns me off the other three a bit is that they all involve cheating on your significant other.  I guess I’m just old fashioned that way.  Word of warning to die-hard romance lovers, you may want to avoid I PLAY FOR KEEPS.  It’s not the warm, fuzzy kind of story that you’re use to.  Other than that, it is a good read to pass the time.  I read it on a flight to San Francisco and before I knew it, we had landed.

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