Kissing Booth
By Janalee
Aug 1, 2013 - 12:36:47 AM

Rochelle “Elle” Evans has been best friends with Lee Flynn since birth. Literally they were born on the same exact day and are like two peas in a pod. They get roped into doing a booth at their school’s Spring Carnival. Pondering what kind of booth, an idea comes to mind...why not a kissing booth? It would raise a ton of money while guys and girls line up to get a kiss they would not soon forget.

Noah “Flynn” is Lee’s older and super hot brother. He is always needling Elle at every turn. Elle gives it right back but deep down something is brewing between them that will not be denied. Things only get hotter when Elle steps in to help one of the girl’s who has volunteered to kiss the boys. The girl just cannot kiss this one boy. Elle finds out too late that the boy is none other than Flynn and the kiss he gives her rocks her world and mind!

Flynn and Elle will have to face their attraction and deal with Lee, who will not be happy to find out about their feelings for each other.

KISSING BOOTH is by author Beth Reekles. Ms Reekles is only seventeen years old and has already signed a three book deal with Random House. KISSING BOOTH is a novel that rivals seasoned authors. The premise is original and the characters feelings and thoughts are engaging, keeping readers interested in what happens next. Ms. Reekles voice is fresh and one that will only get better as she advances in her writing career.

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