Kissing Frogs
By Jennifer Wardrip
Dec 24, 2003 - 5:45:00 AM

Ms. Altom has written what I believe is the funniest romance story that I’ve ever read. I’ve been blessed to read her past two releases, BLUE MOON and INHERITED:ONE BABY! and although I thought that those books were both wonderful, she’s definitely outdone herself with KISSING FROGS. If you love romance with a slight paranormal twist, along with some of the best humor you’ll find anywhere in romantic fiction today, then this book is for you.

We’ve all heard that old fairy tale, the one about kissing a frog and having a hot-blooded prince emerge. We’d plant a wet one on that slimy creature-and poof!--here’s a real hunk of burning love just waiting to pledge his undying devotion. Lucy Gordon has discovered the perfect frog, and as legend dictates, an even more perfect specimen of man appears at her smooch. The only problem is, biologist Lucy doesn’t want the man—she wants the darn frog, blast it!


For as long as she can remember, Lucy has been trying to attain the impossible-her father’s respect. All she needed was a frog. One perfect, heretofore unfound specimen to wow the scientific community. She’s spent years, decades, millenniums it seems, trying to find that one species of frog that would catapult her, if not into stardom, at least into her father’s league.


Lucy finally gave up the quest, becoming a teacher instead, but she never really gave up the dream. One frog. Just one measly little frog. And then one rainy day, on the deserted mile-long driveway to her stately castle-like home, she finds him. The frog of all frogs. Beautiful. Amazing. Her pole-vault to everything she’s ever wanted. And when she catches him, she does the only thing she can think of- she plants a wet one on him in gratification.


Umm, well, it was a grand idea, proclaiming her thankfulness in that way. Except for one thing. Her frog couldn’t be an ordinary, run-of-the-mill amphibian. Oh no, her frog had to be a prince, disguised as a frog for a really long time after an evil curse. So instead of her frog, Lucy ends up with Wolfe; a real life prince from another century, standing wet and naked before her, waiting for Lucy’s vow of love and fidelity.


Needless to say, her words of outrage aren’t exactly what Wolfe had been waiting for. Neither, of course, is Wolfe what Lucy needs to bring her everything she’s always wanted. Or is he?


KISSING FROGS is a hilarious romp into mystery, magic, love, and the question of the ages—is what you want in life really what you need? What happens when the thing that you’ve always dreamt of is suddenly thrust into your path, and you suddenly realize that it’s not what you really wanted after all?


Kudos to Ms. Altom for what is possibly the best book I’ve ever read. I can only say that I will personally guarantee that you’ll enjoy this book. I’d put my seal of approval on it, except for the fact that the publishers might sue me, and that I have no patent. Ah well, I hope my word will be good enough.

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