Kissing Under The Mistletoe - Sullivan series
By Chris Mead
Oct 12, 2013 - 10:24:08 AM

Mary is a famous model who is doing her final photo shoot before she retires.  She is posing for the camera when she meets Jack Sullivan.  The two strike up a conversation and Jack talks her into going to have pie and ice cream with him.  The two take an instant liking to one another.

Jack Sullivan is a budding entrepreneur, who has come up with a pocket planner that he believes will help the public to stay well organized.  Needing a spokesperson for his ad campaign, he thinks that Mary would fit the bill nicely.  Although Mary is dead set on retiring, she feels like she must help Jack out, so she agrees to take the job.

As Jack and Mary work together to make Jack’s invention a success, they quickly fall in love and are unable to keep their hands off each other.  Mary is afraid of getting serious, though, because she has been hurt in her past.   When she overhears Jack’s partners talking about how good she is for public relations, she fears that Jack may just be using her to make a profit.  It will take a lot of convincing on Jack’s part to put Mary’s mind at ease.  

Mary is a beautiful person both inside and out.  I love her personality and the way that she is down to earth despite her good looks.  Mary had a falling out with her mother and has been estranged from her for several years.  My heart broke for her as she struggled with grief over missing her family.  

Jack is loving and attentive to Mary.  I love his easygoing charm and the way that he brings out the best in Mary.  It is fun to finally meet Jack, as he has been missing from the previous books about the Sullivans.

For those new to the SULLIVAN series, KISSING UNDER THE MISTLETOE is the perfect story to start out with because readers get a glimpse of where it all began.  Long time readers are sure to be thrilled to finally meet Jack.  Bella Andre has penned a delightful love story that is sure to please even the most discriminating romance reader.

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