Kitchen Matches

Author: Marianne Arkins

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: August 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Cori Weathers knows her way around cars, engines and a mechanic’s workshop - not exactly her mother’s idea of a proper ‘lady.’ Yet, what can Cori do when she’s the only girl in a family of many boys? Give in to her mother’s pushing, that’s the only option. That’s how she finds herself attending cooking class with renowned chef Micah DePalma.

Yet, being good enough with your hands to take an engine apart and rebuild it does not ensure success in a kitchen. Especially when you’re under a weird spell of attraction for the ‘boss’, a man who is so not your type in the end.


Do the laws of attraction obey mere humans’ wishes? Most certainly not, because not only is Cori falling for the ‘unlikely to get her hot and bothered’ Micah, but Micah, too, is feeling the tug towards the kitchen disaster that is Cori.


Micah looks like he’s had it easy all his life – after all, he’s been born with a silver spoon in his mouth – but life isn’t that simple. Matters of the heart aren’t that simple either. His family wants him to date within their ‘acceptable’ social circle, yet Micah wants only one woman – the very improper mechanic, Cori.


Can these two light their own fire and risk it burning down the house, or will they find that a tiny spark is all that’s needed to keep the engine of love running?


This was one really funny and riotous romp amidst the world of an undomesticated goddess! Cori is young, sassy and feisty, and does she know her way around cars. A kitchen, not so much! Thank goodness Micah is here for this purpose – the two of them together should balance the equation out, shouldn’t they?


That’s without counting on Cori’s brood of older brothers! They make her life hell, yet amidst the prodding and indiscreet inquiries, one can feel the genuine love and affection brimming inside the Weathers’ household. Beware signs should flash for poor Micah when he is pulled by these ignominious brothers into the ‘family’.


The romance between Cori and Micah is a page-turner, and coupled with the brothers and a rather persistent ex of Cori’s, you end up with a little read that never stays in place and is always hopping. Just what you’d ask a good book to do, right? Keep you engrossed until you have to get to the ending and find out how it all concludes.


Ms. Arkins does not disappoint throughout the story. If you love stories about food, kitchen madness, overwhelming families and two people who are just so right for each other it is blatant to anyone but them, then KITCHEN MATCHES should be the book for you!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Zee

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