Knight Brothers, Book 1- Wicked Knight
By Pamela Denise
Aug 12, 2010 - 12:36:06 PM

Julie Parish has gotten use to being on her own, ever since her mother’s passing. The only source of family left is her estranged father and hateful stepmother with her vile son, who offer her little comfort. Instead, when she isn’t modeling, Julie keeps to herself in her family home left to her in her mother’s will, where she often pens romance novels under a pseudo name. One day, in a twist of fate, Julie saves a stranger’s life on a bus and the two quickly become the best of friends. Kirsten Knight and her family all welcome Julie into their lives, giving her a sense of belonging. Julie loves Kirsten and the rest of the Knights dearly, but it is Kirsten’s brother Tristan that she seems to melt around.

Dr. Tristan Knight, sibling to three brothers and one sister, has always been grateful for his family’s support and their uplifting nature. If it hadn’t been for them he wouldn’t have been able to make it through his divorce. Now, back in the dating scene with a little prodding from his siblings, Tristan finds himself enjoying the moment. He has no wish to delve into another serious relationship that may end up a repeat of his failed marriage. His sister’s friend Julie is a woman who makes him feel at ease with her light banter and their good natured matches. This means any thoughts outside of the platonic range where she is concerned are dangerous.



After a shared night of passion Tristan and Julie can’t deny their feelings any longer. It seems putting distance between them isn’t an option either. Julie’s nasty stepmother has found a way to ruin Julie for good and steal her mother’s inheritance. The only way to avoid the outcome is if Julie finds herself a husband. Tristan shows up at her doorstep offering her just that, a trip down the aisle. The problem is that she thinks it best to keep the terms between them as strictly a business deal and Tristan thinks that there are much more pleasurable ways to spend their time together. If Julie shares Tristan’s bed she knows she will end up giving him her heart. Is it too big of a risk for her to open herself up and dare to hope that she could have a life with Tristan for keeps?



WICKED KNIGHT is a delightful story! Tierney O'Malley does an excellent job creating believable characters and I loved the interaction among them. A lot of times, having such a broad display of characters can seem cumbersome, but Ms. O’Malley pulls it off brilliantly, even the impious step family. Tristan and Julie was a fun couple. The chemistry between the two leapt out from the beginning and worked its way to sizzling as the story progressed. The Knight family was also priceless! They are one of those close knit units that support each other through thick and thin. I can’t wait for the other Knight siblings’ stories to release.

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