Knights In Shining Armor Sometimes Play Guitars
By Patti Fleishman
Jan 26, 2004 - 6:47:00 AM

Johanna Morse, a businesswoman, has been questioning her life and the relationship she is in.  Is this what she wants?  Johanna knows deep in her heart the answers; yet, she’s hesitant and has decided to take some time away in order to think things through.  She needs to be free from distractions, including Geoff, her live-in lover for many years, and the man who has Johanna torn between doing what is expected of her and what her heart desires.  Her sanctuary is a secluded duplex cabin on the
Cape.  It is in this remote and beautifully wooded escape where Johanna’s destiny comes to greet her. 

Ian McInnes, a rock star, has decided to take a break from the many months of touring and spend some time alone with his guitar.  It just so happens that his secret hide-away is the cabin attached to Johanna’s.  His retreat into solitude is where fate will come to call – it’s where his life will begin anew.


While sitting on her porch having coffee, Johanna discovers that the English accent that has interrupted her thoughts belongs to someone very familiar to her. Ian McInnes, a famous rock musician with whom she has had a crush since she was eleven-years-old, is standing directly in front of her.  


From the first moment Ian lays eyes upon Johanna, he is filled with love and a sense of longing to create a beautiful world with her.  Johanna senses things about Ian and begins to open herself.  She shares something she finds most magical – a carpeted field of the most beautiful pink flowers Ian has ever seen – Lady Slippers.  In this one moment of breathtaking imagery, their fate is sealed.


Through many trying moments of deceit, suspense, pain, and the fear of making that final commitment, Johanna and Ian must find their way again.  It is through the lyrics to a song that Ian has written that their love comes full circle. 


Much to my surprise, I discovered this was a novel within a novel.  The story I had just read was the work of the character in the next story.  She uses her gift of writing to help her get through a trying time in her own life.  So the story begins again…


This time we meet Kate Margaux, an author who is making quite a name for herself with her debut novel, Lady Slippers and Fairy Dust. While she is being interviewed on a morning television show in New York, Simon Hardwicke, a rock musician, is just rising in his hotel room and hears her book being described.  His curiosity is piqued and he finds himself infatuated with the intriguing author.  He must find her.


Kate’s life parallels that of her character in her novel.  She is having second thoughts concerning her long-time boyfriend, Greg.  The novel she wrote was therapeutic in nature and a way for her to think things through.  Even though the book has caused quite a stir and has Greg angered by his portrayal as Geoff, she has no idea whatsoever that her life will change completely – and for the better.


Simon is going through a bitter divorce from a woman who wants to take everything from him. He can’t let this get in the way of his loving Kate.  There is a connection between them and so many things that draws them into one another.  It’s almost as if they have known each other for a very long time, yet, they have just met.


As in her novel, Kate and Simon go through many trials and tribulations.  It’s the outcome that will leave you teary-eyed and smiling on the inside.  It’s through Kate and Simon that the story of Johanna and Ian will live on. 


I can’t tell you enough just how heart-warming these two stories were.  Ms. McHenry had me in the palm of her hand, waiting with anticipation as I read each sentence.  There were many moments when I was so drawn into her world that I felt as if I was part of her story.  Her love scenes were written beautifully and filled with gentle sensuality. 


There is another thing I must say about Ms. McHenry that warms my heart.  All of the profits from her books are given to charity.  Thank you, Ms. McHenry for your wonderful imagination.



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