Torrid Tarot: Knights and White Satin
By Christina
Oct 1, 2008 - 6:22:13 PM

Mike Williams is rich and successful but he has never had a long term relationship and he has always been content with casual hookups, until he meets Lee DeAngelis. Mike never expected to find his perfect man at the Miss Gay Universe farewell party. Lee intrigues him in a way no man ever has before and he is not about to let Lee get away.


When Mike invites Lee to go home with him, despite his better judgment, he accepts. It has been a long time since he has been out on a date or even just had a one night stand. He takes his responsibilities to his family and his job very seriously and he doesn’t really know how to relax and have fun, even with the encouragement of his best friend and wife Cate.


Mike and Lee spend a wonderful evening together but then Lee receives a call the changes everything. Cate is in the hospital and she is very ill. Lee rushes to he side leaving Mike hurt and confused. How could he have fallen for a married man? However, things are not always as cut and dry as they appear and Mike soon realizes that his new lover is a very special man with a unique situation and he and his family desperately need Mike’s help.


KNIGHTS AND WHITE STATIN by Cash Cole is part of Ellora’s Cave Torrid Tarot series. As one would expect this novel is very hot and steamy but it is also an extremely emotional and moving read. I really felt for Lee and Cate. The scenes dealing with her illness felt very realistic to me and there are also several comic moments that help break up the tension.


At the beginning of the story, Mike can’t understand Lee or what it’s like to care for others more than himself but Lee makes Mike want to be someone he can lean on. I really enjoyed the way both men learn from each other and those around them in order to grow and change throughout the story.

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