Knit in Comfort

Author: Isabel Sharpe

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: May 25, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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As a child, Megan Morgan traveled with her parents, never settling in one place for long. When she got the chance, she married a handsome man and settled in his small hometown of Comfort, North Carolina. Now she has stability, children and a group of longtime friends who meet each week to knit in a group called Purls Before Wine. Her marriage is not what she wants it to be, but she leaves things as they are, figuring she is doing what is best for her children. Her friendships with the women in the club are all shallow, but she believes she is as happy as she can expect to be.

Elizabeth Detlaff lives in New York with her boyfriend, a famous chef, who is intent on marriage. Her deceased grandmother has always taught her to watch for signs.  So when the word ‘comfort’ appears a little too often and she hears about the town of Comfort, North Carolina on the radio, she makes a trip there.  As soon as she arrives, she sees a notice offering an apartment for rent, and knows it is meant to be. The apartment belongs to Megan and her family. It is over their garage and though they need the money from the rental, Megan is still hesitant about renting it when Elizabeth shows up, but she is eventually persuaded.

In love with the town, it is not long before Elizabeth has invaded just about every aspect of Megan’s life. Not only does she live over Megan’s garage, but she also becomes friends with Megan’s mother-in-law and her children as she gushes over Megan’s husband and joins her knitting group. Slowly, Elizabeth uncovers many of the town’s secrets and discovers that the town is not what she envisioned when she first appeared there. Although Elizabeth tries desperately to be friends with her, Megan is not as eager to be friends, not caring for Elizabeth’s forthright, inquisitive nature. Uncovering Megan’s biggest secret devastates Elizabeth, making her see the town in a whole new light, and it forces both women to make momentous decisions about their lives.

KNIT IN COMFORT is a delightful contemporary romance.  The story of Megan’s ancestors and their ability to knit beautiful lace is interwoven throughout the story. Each of the women in the group has their own secret. Very outgoing, Elizabeth manages to uncover their secrets and to draw the women closer together into a more close-knit group, as she discovers things about herself and her own life. The parallel between Megan’s life and that of her Shetland ancestor is uncanny. Beautifully filled with well-drawn, complex characters, an original storyline, a group of women with plenty of secrets, emotional accounts of Megan’s lace-making ancestors and a very satisfying ending, this heartwarming story is one you will hate to put down. I recommend KNITTING IN COMFORT to anyone looking for a terrific read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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