Knock Me For a Loop
By Sarah W
Feb 1, 2010 - 9:50:28 PM

Grace Fisher was basking in the good life. Her talk show was going great, she had found the love of her life, hockey player Zack Hoolihan, and they were planning a wedding. Then, everything went to hell in a hand basket. When Grace went to surprise Zack on the road, she discovered another woman in his bed. Furious, hurt, sad, and devastated, Grace ended things.

Zack has protested his innocence from the very beginning. He still cannot believe that Grace has so little trust in him that she would believe he would cheat on her. Zack is hurt. And that hurt is taking its toll on his hockey career. When Zack hurts his leg badly, he heads deeper into a funk. His friends try to pull him out but it is only when Grace steps in to help that Zack begins the road to healing. But will their time together heal more than just Zack’s leg? Can it heal the broken hearts of this couple?

KNOCK ME FOR A LOOP is the third book in a series of friends falling in love. In Grace’s case, she found love but then questioned it when it seemed deceit was afoot. This book truly is about healing for both Grace and Zack. It seemed hard for me to believe that Grace would ever truly believe that Zack would cheat on her. He was head over heels for her and it showed. But everyone has insecurities and Grace is no exception. Heidi Betts did a good job of showing the tides of change coming for this couple. It was not easy, Grace let him in very slowly and cautiously but it did happen. I think the way was eased by the very lovable Bruiser (aka Muffin, another great reason to read this story). Friendship and love are a complex business but these characters attempted to try to get to a good place in their relationship, even if it was reluctant on Grace’s part sometimes. Her hesitancy was hard to understand but I guess when it seems like life is just about darn perfect, it is hard to believe something terrible can go wrong.

KNOCK ME FOR A LOOP is sweet, spicy, and a nice traditional romance that focuses on the aftermath. Grace and Zack still have a lot to discover about each other and their journey is filled with highs, lows, some dog drool, lots of yarn, and an abiding love neither will ever give up on.

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