Knock Off
By Nadine St. Denis
Mar 5, 2007 - 8:37:00 PM

Finely Anderson Tanner hates her job.  But who doesn’t, right?  She would much rather be shopping for the lowest sale price on a pair of Jimmy Choo’s than dealing with the estates of the dearly departed.  But a gal’s got to pay for those shoes somehow.  When her boss tells her to take on the case for a personal friend of his whose husband was killed in a vehicle accident, she is somewhat surprised.  That is until she meets the grieving widow.  The widow Evans insists her husband’s death was a lot more nefarious than a simple accident.  And Finley is downright stunned when Mrs. Evans demands that she be the one to get to the bottom of it.

Being an avid fan of CSI is apparently not the same as having the actual know-how on how to go about solving a crime.   That is if there really is a crime to solve.  Everyone, including Finley herself, believes that Mrs. Evans is off her rocker.  When the threatening notes start appearing it looks like someone wants Finely to stop her snooping.  How does the gorgeous Liam McGarrity fit in her quest of a would-be killer?  And will Finely be able to keep her thoughts and hands on the task at hand and not the mouth-watering Liam.


KNOCK OFF is definitely a knock out!   Rhonda Pollero has created a snappy suspense that works beautifully with the quirky and loveable paralegal turned Nancy Drew.  Mixing her with the aloof but very appealing Liam adds the spice we want to create a delightful page-turner.  For all you readers looking for that fun-to-read romance that leaves you smiling, look no farther!  KNOCK OFF is most satisfying.

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