Knock 'em Dead

Author: Rhonda Pollero

Publisher: Kensington Books

Release Date: February 26, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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When Finley Tanner's friend Jane shows up on Finley's doorstep wearing nothing but her nightie and a whole lot of blood, Finley decides it's up to her to rescue Jane from a charge of murder. Finley's an estates and trusts paralegal, but sometimes it seems like she knows more about the law then many lawyers. In fact, Finley went to law school but quit when she realized it would adversely affect her already full schedule of shopping, spa dates and sleeping late. Despite her underachieving status at the law firm, Finley has a natural knack for solving crimes, as she proved in the first book in this series, KNOCK OFF. Although warned to stay out of Jane's case by the partners at her ultra-conservative law firm, Finley stubbornly proceeds to do a little amateur sleuthing.

Liam McGarrity is tall, dark and doesn't have a whole lot to say. Finley keeps trying to forget about the handsome private eye who helped her uncover a murder in her first attempt at detecting. But it's going to be hard to ignore Liam now that the partners at Finley's law firm have hired him to keep her out of trouble. Together, the two learn that Finley's friend Jane can't be trusted to tell the truth. What's more, Liam starts hinting that Finley's unnaturally perfect boyfriend has his own dark secrets. Is Liam telling the truth, or is he just trying to seduce Finley into his bed?

In KNOCK 'EM DEAD, Rhonda Pollero does a great job of teasing readers with the rising tension between Finley and Liam. She's also created a clever mystery featuring a refreshingly self-sufficient heroine. Finley spends a lot of time talking about beauty and fashion, and putting on a show of being lazy and self-involved. However, when the going gets tough, Finley doesn't fall apart and become giggly and helpless. She's really more interested in saving her troubled friend than she is in buying a new pair of shoes, and that's what sets Finley apart from the usual contemporary chick lit heroine. I thoroughly enjoyed KNOCK 'EM DEAD and look forward to more from Finley Tanner – and from her sexy sidekick Liam!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lynn Reynolds

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