Sexy Summer Fun - Knockout
By J.T.
Jul 10, 2006 - 2:26:00 AM

Nina Bowes has just arrived at the beach house in Point Pleasant for a much deserved holiday, and a chance of meeting Tony Capriatti, a singer whom she has always carried a torch for. What she does not expect isbeing literally knocked out by the man of her dreams when she runs into him on her first day of vacation.

Tony with his chocolate brown eyes, and whiskey voice had been on her mind and in her dreams ever since she first saw him perform with his rock band years ago. Being face to face with him is something she had always wished for but can she carry through with her plans to have him, or will she chicken out at the very last moment? What is a former groupie to do when she finally gets the chance of a lifetime to know the man behind the star?

Hannah Murray's KNOCKOUT is a sweet, sexy, humorous story of finally getting the man you have always idolized in your hands. Would you take on fate and cherish whatever time you have with him, or keep him at bay and let him stay the perfect hero of your fantasy?  Definitely worth snatching some time off to find out how the adorable Nina will get along with down to earth Tony, who proves that even idols are flesh and blood underneath all that glittering star dust.

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