Midsummer Night’s Steam: Knotty Girl
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 8, 2007 - 12:48:14 PM

Shelby Langley likes kink.   She’s not dominant or submissive, she just likes to play and BDSM clubs provide the perfect opportunity to experience all the wicked little desires her mind can conjure up without having to worry about romantic entanglements.   Her inexperience is obvious and to her horror Craig Jensen pulls the plug on her playing with anyone – except him.

Craig Jensen has been a part of the BDSM scene for a very long time.   He’d built Club Jerico from the ground up before selling it to his best friend, and he’d spent years as a Pro-Top; tutoring others in the finer points of the BDSM lifestyle.   Now he spends his time overseeing Club Jerico while searching for the one submissive who would truly be his.  


Shelby’s love for bondage gets her into some trouble when she passes out while playing with an inexperienced Dom using plastic wrap.   Craig comes to her rescue and he realizes right away that she’s trouble with a capital T.   While his scowl is enough to scare grown men, it doesn’t faze Shelby in the least – nope she just chatters on about how from now on she’ll stick with ropes and how good it makes her feel.   Craig could happily throttle the little lady but what he finds most interesting is how badly he wants for her to belong to him.   If Shelby wants to play from now on her only choice is to play with him – he’s declared her off limits to everyone else and the club members do heed his warning.   Shelby may have thought that she was only looking for a little kink with no strings attached.   Craig’s out to prove that he can provide all the kink she could ever want and HIS strings are the only ones she need desire.   Will she be able to keep herself from falling for the dynamic Dom and will she discover that it’s not really kink she’s after… she’s a submissive in need of her Dominant.


Maggie Casper is one author I can always count on for a heartwarming story full of passion and characters who practically jump off the pages - her short story KNOTTY GIRL is no exception.   I admired Shelby’s adventurous nature (which Craig views as reckless) and had to laugh at Craig’s astonishment when she boldly ignores his dark looks.   It’s obvious he doesn’t scare her and I loved that about this couple.   Craig has to use all his skill and control to aid in his determination to convince Shelby that not only is she a submissive, but that she belongs to him.    KNOTTY GIRL is a thrilling story which shows not only the love between the characters as it develops but their genuine affection for safe BDSM play.  

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