Kyle's Bargain
By CinLee
Jul 1, 2009 - 8:41:22 PM

Desperate to save the strip mall where she and her friends have businesses, Meg Travis commits a brash action. She breaks into the developer’s office and coerces him into at least listening to the concerns of his tenants. Realizing her actions border on illegal, Meg is relieved when he not only agrees to give them two hours of his time but promises not to call the authorities if she promises him ten hours in his bed as well as a penalty to be determined by him.


Kyle Harrison is merely entertaining her notions at first, certain he will hear the same sob stories she has presented before, but this time Meg introduces her to each shop owner and spells out how their lives will be inconvenienced should he not change his plans. He promises to think on it before they move on to her end of their bargain.


To the surprise of both, there is an instant attraction which can’t be denied and soon Kyle can’t seem to have enough time with Meg. She is even surprised when he accepts her special needs sister and the responsibilities that come with her care, even to the point of infringing on their time together. Then one night he gives her the surprise of her life when he reveals that he is a Master and enjoys BDSM play. She is shocked at first but he slowly eases her into at least trying it out with the caveat that if she’s not interested or is completely turned off, he will not force her. Meg is surprised to find her curiosity aroused right along with her body.


This is a hot story with great characters. Intense sex scenes heat up the story while several sub-plots provide conflict which aren’t easily resolved. Even the most minor of characters are used to utmost perfection to set the scenes and evolve Kyle and Meg’s characters. A recommended scorcher.


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