By Jo
Jun 10, 2013 - 5:28:26 PM

HOMECOMING is a sweet contemporary novel that really pulled at my heart strings for all the Cantrell siblings as well as for many of the townspeople I was introduced to but especially Nikki, the Riley's and Sylvester.

Baker's HOMECOMING, book one in the SWEETLAND SERIES, is a book that introduced me to a town full of people quickly.  I immediately became engrossed in their troubles, their lives and their history both in and out of Sweetland for some. I met friends, family, neighbors and the dogs.  I felt laughter, tears, sorrow, happiness, some mystery and closure. The Cantrells are a family I would be happy to have amongst my friends.  Even though they all dealt with their lives and troubles differently they all pulled together when someone in their family needed them now that they are back where they grew up even if it was for their beloved grandmother's funeral. Getting to know each of them individually and collectively was enjoyable.  They were each so multifaceted and Baker did a wonderful job of showing us their joys and sorrows and how they faced their troubles head on or not especially in the case of Quinn and his youngest sister Savannah.  Quinn and Nikki had so much chemistry they almost combusted each time they were together but Quinn fought it each step of the way.  Watching their romance and love grow despite Quinn's attitude of denial was both funny and heart wrenching. 

Baker is a new to me author and I can't wait to continue the series when book two, JUST LIKE HEAVEN, comes out in December.  The third book, SUMMER’S MOON, is slotted to be released in the Spring of 2014.  Baker is an author I am adding to my TBR pile and look forward to many more books to come. 

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