Cougar Challenge, Book 2 – Beauty of Sunset
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 25, 2013 - 6:35:04 AM

Edie Howard, otherwise known as the supermodel Sunset, not only competes with women half her age for the choice jobs but she also lost her husband to a younger woman.  It’s difficult to view yourself as a beautiful woman when the crinkle lines begin appearing on your face and other parts of your body begin shifting south.  Edie’s decided to accept the Monica’s Tempt the Cougar Blog challenge and snare herself a younger man, but only after undergoing plastic surgery to fix all her imperfections.

Plastic surgery wizard John Sung flat out refuses to perform any plastic surgery on Edie.  He even refers her to one of his colleagues since he feels she’s absolutely perfect as is and doesn’t need any work done, but can’t exactly stop her from going through with it if that’s what she wants to do. 


Edie goes ahead with the consultation for the plastic surgery but isn’t enthused about the planned procedures.  They’re actually depressing her but running into John a few weeks later restores her spirit – especially when he offers her a bet.  If he can make her feel good about her body then she’ll cancel her surgeries, but if he fails then he has to pay for all the procedures.  He feels he’s totally up for the challenge and plans to spend long hours getting up close and personal with all her ‘flawed’ parts – as well as every other part of her body. 


It looks like Edie might get the opportunity to fulfill the cougar challenge without having any work done.  It’s a win, win situation.  She has the chance to be with the younger man she’s been hungering for since they initially met and she might even regain the self-esteem she’s been lacking since her ex-husband’s betrayal.


Lynne Connolly’s addition to the Cougar Challenge series is an insightful read that gives readers a unique glimpse into the mindset of aging model who has trouble seeing her own beauty.  I admire how supportive her friends at the Tempt the Cougar blog are toward Edie and her decisions.  And I really love John who doesn’t mince words and isn’t all starry eyed by Edie’s celebrity status.  He treats her like a desirable woman – in and out of the bedroom and that’s just unbelievably hot especially once he systematically goes about convincing her of each and every body part she shouldn’t subject to surgery.


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