Triple Dare – A Red Hot Winter Story
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 7, 2011 - 6:49:50 PM

How do two Australian men end up lost on the mountainside in the Colorado Rockies? It all started with three little irresistible words “I dare you!” Joseph Hudson and Rob Thorton have shared a twenty-six year long friendship and many wild adventures most of which started out because Joseph can’t resist a dare and Rob loves issuing the dares that result in all sorts of mayhem for his far too serious friend. 

Typically, Rob’s dares are relatively harmless but this time, Joseph isn’t so sure that Rob hasn’t gone too far.  They’re stuck on the side of a mountain and the helicopter isn’t due to come pick them back up until tomorrow evening.  Freezing to death is a very real possibility and Rob seems to think the whole situation is hilarious.   The man even brought beer so once Joseph calms down a bit he realizes that Rob must have some sort of warped plan in mind – and he’s right.  Rob plans for them to spend the night in a rescuers cabin where they could both unwind and he can tell Joseph the bad news.  Unfortunately there’s a little problem with the snowboard compass and there’s no telling where the cabin is or if they’re even heading in the right direction.


Park Ranger Anna McCarthy isn’t amused by the know-it-all Aussies antics.  She overheard Rob mention to one of their many admirers in the lodge bar last night that he had plans for them to heli-jump onto Knife Ridge Chutes and spend the night in the Wolf Creek rescue cabin – and instinct tells her these men have more money than sense so she keeps an eye on them until it becomes obvious they need her expertise.  Anna fully intends to read them the riot act and hit them with a huge fine but once she’s led them safely to the cabin it becomes impossible to deny her attraction to them – especially Joseph.  Rob’s fun and carefree but something about Joseph calls to her. 


Safe from the frigid weather outside, Anna accepts Rob’s dare and agrees to participate in a ménage with the two gorgeous Aussies.  Rob’s more adventurous and has indulged in ménage encounters but Joseph feels that sex is personal and should mean something.  He’s been interested in Anna since he first saw her back at the lodge and there’s no way he can turn down the chance to make love to her.  What’s confusing him is Rob’s sudden serious demeanor – something is definitely up with his longtime best friend but he’ll worry about that later – when he doesn’t have a desirable woman willing to heat things up with him and his best mate.


Lexxie Cooper surprised me with the intensity of this story.  Sure, I expected a scorching ménage, sexy Australian men, an exciting setting and laugh out loud moments that only good friends can provide.  What I didn’t anticipate was the raw emotion involved that touched me emotionally.  I laughed and cried and fell in love with each of these characters and their spirited natures.  Rob and Joseph share a special friendship that really speaks to readers and makes you long for that one person who can always challenge and push you into trying something new and exciting just for the heck of it.  Anna enters their lives at such a pivotal moment that I just wanted to hug her.  TRIPLE DARE is everything I’d expected and then some.  You’ll definitely want to make sure to have some tissues handy – but then there’s nothing better than laughter through the tears.


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