Chase Brothers, Book 3 - Chased
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 20, 2007 - 5:44:00 AM

Finding the perfect man to settle down with doesn't appear to be in the cards for Liv Davis.  More than anything she wants to fall in love, get married and have kids.  The only problem is every man who has the potential to be Mr. Right turns out to be so very wrong.  She'd once believed that Matt Chase was the one for her but even though the relationship had been good and it was filled with sexual chemistry he'd never truly loved her.  The last thing she expects is for Matt's little brother Marc’s flirtatious behavior to become more serious.

Marc Chase adores women and makes no apologies for playing the field with as many of them as possible.  His brothers, Kyle and Shane, may have succumbed to the love bug and be living 'happily ever after' but he's not about to fall into that same trap - or so he thinks.  He's always admired Liv but now he's determined to convince her that his advances are very real. 

It’s been well over a year since Liv and Matt's break up and Marc has hinted at becoming more than friends with Liv.  She never takes him seriously though.  He's about to embark on a new venture professionally with the opening of his own gym and while he's never thought that he needed or wanted just one woman in his life but he’s finding that he wants to share everything with Liv. 

  Liv isn't about to get involved with Marc.  She admits to herself that she's attracted to him but she’s looking for a man who's ready to settle down and raise a family.  She’s six years older than he is  and doesn't want to compete with all the flirty younger women who are constantly vying for his attention.  Marc's come by his confirmed bachelor reputation honestly, but now that he’s interested in getting serious with one woman his reputation is causing nothing but problems.  Is Marc up to the monumental task of convincing Liv that he means to love her forever?

The third book in Lauren Dane's CHASE BROTHERS series, CHASED, is a feisty read which I thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end.  Liv comes across as an independent woman who knows what she wants but she's actually very insecure in her relationships with men.  She’s been burned before and is afraid of being hurt again.  Marc has charmed his way through his share of women but on the one that matters most charm isn’t going to work.  I love how the whole Chase family bans together to help bring Marc and Liv together.  There's something that’s just so charming and heartwarming about this family that makes a reader long to be a member of the Chase clan

  We’ll be treated to Matt's story in June when MAKING CHASE will be released.  If you've been reading through all the books in this series, I'm sure you’re just as anxious as I am to finally read about the woman who can capture the last Chase brother’s heart.

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