Drawn Together (A Brown Family Novel)
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 15, 2013 - 4:34:30 AM

Tattoo artist Raven Smith’s had a rough life and has learned the best way to protect herself and her heart is to never let anyone get too close to you.  Thanks to her uncensored and blunt speech combined with her dark, scary vibe it’s been easy to keep most people at a distance, but there are those who have been able to sneak under the radar and see her for the beautiful, caring woman she truly is – and those cracks in her armor is exactly what makes her so susceptible to Jonah Warren and his seductive allure.

Highly successful attorney Jonah Warren knows his way around a courtroom as well as he knows his way around a woman but nothing prepares him for dealing with Raven.  He’s used to women seeing nothing more than the size of his wallet, but she’s nothing like the women he’s dated… and thank God, nothing like his ex-wife.  Raven’s blunt, doesn’t believe in playing games, and not afraid to explore their sexual attraction, but that’s where it ends.  Raven doesn’t do monogamy – and Jonah isn’t going to accept anything less than everything which understandably terrifies her.  Jonah’s a patient man though and like with a wild creature, he’ll use his seductively smoky voice and prowess in the bedroom to gentle Raven to his side.


If it wasn’t for the full back tattoo Jonah desires he might never have been able to get close to Raven, but tattoos of that magnitude take lots of time and multiple sessions.  There’s no way for either of them to deny their sexual attraction and honestly neither of them wants to anyway.  Raven fully embraces her sexuality – with men or women and Jonah’s been married and raised a daughter, they’re free to explore their attraction.  The only trouble is that Jonah’s got a dominant nature and while Raven obviously enjoys submitting to him in the bedroom she’s not willing to be truly vulnerable to him.  Sleepovers are out, monogamy isn’t going to happen and she’s not interested in him delving into her past.  However, Jonah has a way of getting under her skin and little by little winning her over to his way of thinking. He’s aware of her sensitivity and embraces the snarky bitchy woman she can be, all while encouraging her to accept that he, like the rest of her friends, truly love and care for her – and won’t disappear or disappoint her like so many in her past.


Can I just say I absolutely love DRAWN TOGETHER?  Raven’s lack of a self-filter is absolutely hilarious and results in so many jaw dropping scenes that I was a little envious and wish I could do the same sometimes.  Jonah is so perfect for her, he isn’t put off by her self-protective walls – and really doesn’t even try to break through them; he coaxes her to let them down gradually which I thought was so wonderfully caring and patient.  The man won me over right away with nothing more than his loving attention to her needs.  With DRAWN TOGETHER Lauren Dane seems to let Raven become who she’s meant to be – not just a lonely individual who loves traveling, but a wonderfully fearless woman who can accept that she is worth the love and acceptance she’s been denying herself.  This isn’t just an entertaining and sexy read, it’s full of emotional turmoil and some shocking revelations, but through it all Raven is always loved and supported.


FYI - DRAWN TOGETHER is worth reading for the verbal smack-down between Raven and Jonah’s ex-wife, Charlotte, alone!  I confess to openly laughing and actually reading that scene aloud (between snickers, of course).


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