Second Chances
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 10, 2010 - 2:44:00 AM

As a romance author, Rori can work from anywhere, so when she caught her boyfriend cheating on her, she packed up her things and moved back to Oakley. She'd left Oakley ten years earlier as an awkward shy young adult, uncomfortable with her body and sense of self. She's returning as a bombshell and full of self confidence. Discovering that Jude is still single thrills her. He'd stared in many of her fantasies and Rori would love to act them all out with him.

Jude had been the requisite small town bad boy back in school. He's now a cop in the small town of Oakley. His looks, reputation, and dangerous aura about him attract every woman in the area, and Jude's being male and available isn't above taking them up on their offers. When Rori moves back to town, at first he sees her as a conquest, but then realizes that she's the perfect submissive for the Dominant in him - right after he loses her to another man.

Moving home restores a sense of belonging in Rori that she'd been missing for the past ten years. She'll be able to watch her nephews grow up, and be close to her sister, besides this way she can offend her mother from right there in the same town. While watching one of her nephews play ball with his team, Jude shows up and begins getting reacquainted and even flirting a little. And then Ryan shows up as well and also shows interest. Once they find out she's planning on staying in town, they suggest the apartment complex they live in. After visiting the complex and seeing the apartment for herself, Rori agrees that it's perfect. Jude asks her out that same night and she agrees to go, while they're out, there's an issue with one of Jude's old girlfriends' and then Ryan shows up and Jude begins acting possessive of Rori. His reaction gives her the idea that he's always had girls throwing themselves at him. She'd make him chase her. Unfortunately, feelings get in the way and Rori catches Jude in a lie, and Rori finds herself in the arms and ropes of another Dom, Zack, who sees her for the gem of womanhood that she is. Jude realizes his feelings too late, and he's forced to stand by and watch as Rori gives her heart to Zack, the same heart that he desperately wants for himself.

SECOND CHANCES is a heart-wrenching tale that will have you taking leave from your own life and living victoriously through Rori, Jude, and Zack. Emotionally charged, this story will have you laughing, and crying and experiencing all the emotions depicted throughout the tale. I alternately cheered Rori's determination not to be a doormat, pitied Jude for letting true love slip through his hands due to his own stupidity, and fell in love with Zack's gentle demeanor and demanding bedroom antics. I was left with a beautiful impression of D/s relationships and the power of the feelings the partners would have for each other to obtain that degree of trust. Lauren Dane's SECOND CHANCES is definitely a book you'll want to make room on the keeper shelf for. The characters stay in your memory long after you finish reading and even now I tear up thinking of how bitterly sweet this powerfully moving story is.

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