Undone Lovers, Book 1 – Undone Rebel

Author: Lila Dubois

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: January 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Adelita ‘Addie’ Sanchez is a whiz with a needle and thread and doesn’t have any qualms with modeling in suggestive poses and fetish attire, but she doesn’t do porn.  She loves repairing vintage clothing and creating unique clothing for the more discriminating, who like her prefer the more rockabilly lifestyle.  The music, the clothing, even the cars of an earlier decade excites her like nothing else can.  That is until she gets offered a photo shoot for an instructional BDSM book, which she initially turns down, but changes her mind after some introspection and viewing one of the publisher’s previous books.

Lane Therres is one of the three Doms involved in the instructional BDSM book.  Each man wrote his own section and will be photographed introducing Addie to different aspects of the BDSM lifestyle.  All the men are extremely confident about their abilities to pleasure a woman with their unique views on the lifestyle.  However, it’s Lane who truly forms a connection with Addie and finds their photo session to be as exciting for him as it is for her.


Even before Lane and Addie’s photo session they form a bond that only seems to add to the intensity of their session.  What stuns Addie is that she enjoys what the next Dom, Ethan, does as well – and it terrifies her.  Is it possible to build a real lasting relationship founded on BDSM?  Lane understands what Addie’s going through, and even tones down the Dom mode and forms a friendship as well as romantic attachment which isn’t exactly easy since Lane’s a bit of a nerd and never fully got into the finer points of ‘dating.’


UNDONE REBEL is an intense but fun read.  Addie’s a quirky character who isn’t afraid to spout off her opinion while Lane is super confident in his abilities as a Dom but very uncomfortable with actual dating.  He’s a personable guy that as a reader you come to adore.   Lila Dubois doesn’t skimp on the intensity of BDSM or the emotional impact they have but she also incorporates so much personality into the characters that they’re just a joy to get to know.  What I really love about UNDONE REBEL are the moments Addie and Lane spend together where no aspect of BDSM is involved.  Don’t get me wrong the BDSM is great but Addie and Lane are such different characters that it’s great to be able to see different aspects of their lives.


UNDONE REBEL is the first title in Lila Dubois UNDONE LOVERS series.  Be sure to check out the other titles:






By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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