Getting Rowdy - Love Undercover, Book 3
By Claudette
Aug 13, 2014 - 6:31:49 PM

Rowdy Yates is a bar owner who never lacks for female company and being a highly sexed male, he makes full use of the many woman who flock to him; except the one he wants most, his employee Avery Mullins.  She’s not someone he can use for sex and just move on, she isn’t cut out for a relationship that consists of casual sex and like any forbidden fruit, looking but not touching is making Rowdy more hungry for Avery.

Avery Mullins knows that Rowdy Yates can only bring trouble but that doesn’t stop her yearnings.  Walking in on him being serviced by one of his one night harem just makes her ache for what she can’t have.  She loves being the bartender at Getting Rowdy, the bar that Rowdy runs, and she has secrets she can’t share, even though she knows that falling for a man who never sleeps with the same woman twice is a big mistake. 
I love Ms. Foster’s writing.  She writes alpha heroes who can always be counted on when the going gets tough.  They are like big teddy bears when it comes to the safety of the women in their lives, be it the women they give their hearts to, or those they consider family and under their protection. 

I loved how confused Rowdy got over his feelings for Avery.  While he never allowed his women to encroach on his personal space in the past, he needs to have Avery close.  Everything about her draws him, whether it’s her temper, her pride,  or every inch of her petite frame.  Avery is a woman who has learned that she can only depend on herself, but Rowdy surprises her by stepping up to the plate and treating her like more than a casual lover.

Ms. Foster knows the perfect formula for a great romance and delivers every time.  We romance lovers can never go wrong by picking up a book with this author's name on the cover.

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