28 Days of Heart Series – Liberating Lucius
By Suzie Housley
Feb 1, 2010 - 6:23:05 PM

Tribune Lucius Calpurnius Aquila is a Roman soldier who is weary of the battles he has faced in the past six months.  His friend Centurion Quintus recognized that Lucius was in need of some relief from the stress he had endured.  He presented him with a “present” in the form of Helena, a slave he had purchased from a slave trader.

In Helena’s eyes, Lucius realized that Helena would never accept him as her master.  Her spirit was too strong to break.  Instead of using her as his sex slave, he decided to befriend her and let her help his manservant with the chores he didn’t want to perform.


Helena was slow to trust Lucius; she wanted nothing more than to return to her land in Thracian.  There she served a purpose; she was a widower of two years of a Thracian aristocrat, and a land owner.  Lucius made a promise to return her to her homeland once he was free of the battlefield. Could she put her trust in a man she hardly knew?


Bonnie Dee has written a wonderful historical romance.  LIBERATING LUCIUS is a wonderful addition to the 28 DAYS OF HEART SERIES.  It will allow you to visit a fascinating place in the Roman history.  The ending will leave a smile on your face.



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