Corralled – A Blacktop Cowboys Novel

Author: Lorelei James

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

Release Date: August 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Sports therapist Lainie Capshaw has a policy to not get involved with the cowboys she treats and normally she strictly adheres to it, so it’s a bit surprising that she’s involved with not one but two cowboys.  Since the men are on different circuits the chance of them finding out about each other is slim to none but that doesn’t stop her from feeling guilty.


Kyle ‘Gilly’ Gilchrist is a bull rider who’s lost his mojo.  He loves the challenge of staying on a rank bull for the full eight seconds but lately he’s been off his game and that’s resulted in him being thrust out of the EBS (Extreme Bull Showcase).  He has plans to travel a string of circuits known as Cowboy Christmas winning cash and hopefully gaining points.  Fortunately, his buddy Hank will be traveling the circuit with him.


Hank Lawson works as a bullfighter in the CRA (Cowboy Rodeo Association) and he’s darn good at what he does.  In fact he has a callback to see if he’d be a good fit for the EBS in about three weeks.  It seems like everything’s finally coming together for Hank.  Or so it seems.  The last thing he expects is to catch his ‘girl’ in the arms of another man and just to complicate the situation; the other man is none other than his buddy Kyle.


Kyle and Hank have been friends since grade school yet neither of them put two and two together and realized they were seeing the same woman.  Kyle knows Lainie as ‘Mel’ and Hank only refers to Kyle as Gilly.  Lainie has no clue that the men know each other until she’s cornered by the two of them in a bar.  Her natural instinct is to end things right then and there with both of them but Kyle and Hank have a different idea.  Lainie’s going to be taking some time off from her job as a med tech at Lariat Sports thanks to her mother’s interference so it’s the perfect opportunity for her to take Kyle and Hank up on their offer and be with both of them – traveling the countryside racing from one rodeo to the next.  While her relationships with Kyle and Hank individually have always been more casual - living in such close quarters makes Lainie realize that her feelings are involved.  Can she choose one man over the other without destroying the friendship they all share?


CORRALLED is the first title in what looks to be a promising series.  As you can imagine, the men are sexy and know how to last far longer than eight seconds – at least in the bedroom.  While the sex scenes are hot, it’s the underlying emotional relationships that fascinated me – Lainie and her mother, Hank and his sister, Hank and Kyle, and even Lainie and her boss.  There’s a wealth of emotional baggage that draws the reader into these characters lives and holds you captive.  Lorelei James leaves readers panting for more – with the blessed knowledge that she always delivers the evocative fantasies we crave.


SADDLED AND SPURRED, the next addition to the BLACKTOP COWBOYS series is due to be released in March 2011.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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