Hot for Teacher
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 1, 2009 - 8:44:28 PM

It’s her 40th birthday and Tessa Marshall’s sister has dragged her to a local bar to celebrate the occasion.  Tessa has spent the past several years concentrating on raising her daughters and work so there’s been no time for a social life – and there certainly hasn’t been any romance.  As luck would have it the perfect birthday gift has walked into the bar as if he owns it.  Dare she test her cougarness and seriously consider indulging in a one night encounter with the sexy young stud?

Scott’s new to the Green Bay area and because his apartment hasn’t been painted yet he’s staying at a hotel located directly across from the bar.  It’s a Thursday night and he doesn’t start his new job until Monday.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with spending a little time with an attractive woman and if he can talk her into something a lot more intimate then you won’t hear him complaining. 


Tessa’s never been turned on so fast by just the sight of a handsome man and when he speaks she tingles all over.  She’s normally fairly reserved and would never engage in a one-night stand, but it’s her birthday.  The big 4-0!  Certainly there’s nothing wrong with indulging in her desires with a man who’s obviously just as attracted to her.   It doesn’t take much convincing for Scott to persuade Tessa to accompany him to his room and the evening is hotter than either of them could have anticipated.  Unfortunately morning comes all too soon and rather than endure the morning after embarrassment Tessa opts to sneak out believing that she’ll never see Scott again.  Imagine her surprise on Monday morning when she’s introduced to the new math teacher – Scott Chapman.  Tessa may have thought she was only indulging in a one-time thing with Scott but he has decidedly different plans and is determined to win her over to his way of thinking.


Liza James’ story HOT FOR TEACHER treats readers to a scorching hot romance complete with realistic characters plagued by some of the same insecurities and self doubt as you or I.  Scott’s charming in a stubborn ‘I know what I want and I’m going to get it’ way while Tessa’s more accepting of the fact that you can’t always have what you desire.  It’s a battle of wills with captivating results.  While containing plenty of ‘oh my, I want some’ sex scenes, Ms. James doesn’t skip on the ‘heart’ of the story and the result will have the readers smiling and sighing in pleasure by the time they’ve read the last page.

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