Saddled and Spurred – A Blacktop Cowboys Novel
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 15, 2011 - 2:04:36 PM

Harper Masterson has put her own hopes and dreams on hold while she supports her younger sister until she graduates from high school.  The trouble is her mom’s reputation has made finding employment in Muddy Gap, Wyoming extremely difficult. She works two jobs just to make ends meet - none of her fancy beauty titles are going to provide the basic necessities.  Since one of her employers has decided to close up shop Harper’s forced to seek temporary employment elsewhere because she’s only sticking around for another couple of months – just until Bailey completes high school – then they’ll be moving so that Bailey can attend college.

It’s calving season and Bran Turner is desperate for help since his hired hand is laid up with an injury.  When his friend Celia calls him and tells him that she’s found him a hired hand he’s astonished and thrilled.  The amount of work needing to be done is simply more than one man can handle by himself.  What Celia neglects to tell him is that his new hired hand is none other than beauty queen Harper. 


Surely this is someone’s idea of a warped joke.  There’s no way Harper would be willing to perform the sort of duties this job requires.  After all, she could break a nail and let’s not forget that pulling calves, cleaning barns, fixing fences and the other odd assortment of chores needed to be done on a daily basis can be hot, dirty, and downright exhausting.  Against his better judgment Bran agrees to give Harper a chance fully expecting her to fail miserably.  Harper surprises him with her tenacity and determination to tackle any chore that needs to be done without a care about her own appearance. 


There’s always been a spark between Harper and Bran but with them working side by side for long periods of time every day the sexual attraction between them becomes impossible to ignore.   The trouble for this couple might just be keeping their hands off each other during business hours.  Harper isn’t interested in earning brownie points by sleeping with the boss, and Bran doesn’t sleep with employees – but after hours?  Well, after hours they’re simply two people passionately drawn to each other.  There’s nothing wrong with acting on that attraction now is there?


These BLACKTOP COWBOYS definitely have a leg up on the four-wheel riding, baseball cap wearing ‘cowboys’ I’m used to seeing in my little corner of the rural life.  With her March release of SADDLED AND SPURRED, Lorelei James brings to life all the passion, hard work, joy and disappointment that goes into ranching and puts a unique spin to it by introducing a character who seems so out of place yet fits perfectly.  Harper’s such an inspiring character.  She has strong work and family ethics and doesn’t seem to let the hardships or disappointments in life get her down – or at least not for long.  Bran is the epitome of cowboy lovin’ women’s fantasies.  He works and plays hard and has the rock hard body to prove it.  SADDLED AND SPURRED is a powerful and emotionally charged addition to the BLACKTOP COWBOYS series and if Ms. James didn’t already have a place on my ‘must read author’ list then she would have definitely earned the spot with this title.


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