Midsummer Night’s Steam - Bad Moon Rising
By Nickie Langdon
Jul 14, 2007 - 7:23:30 PM

Hailey discovered the man she thought she’d marry has been sleeping with his secretary. It’s been hard to overcome the betrayal. Now she’s alone, her roomies are out of town and she has the killer of all headaches. She’s forced to go find a drugstore and get aspirin.

After she takes the medicine she sits in her car and broods even more. When she reaches for her cell, the number of her friend Austin lights up. Without giving him a chance to tell her not to come over, she tells him she needs to talk to him and heads to his apartment.


Zach is surprised to see Hailey enter Austin’s apartment, especially since he’s there. He’s also delighted because he’s had a thing for her for a very long time.


He baits her, tries to get her to sit with him and talk to him. Everything she says bad about him he counters. There’s just something about this man that makes her body hum even though she won’t admit it.


When Austin has to leave, Zach and Hailey are left alone. The battle of words continues until he manages to get her close enough to kiss her, to touch her.


She says she’ll give him one night. No more. It’s the opportunity he’s been looking for because he plans to make it permanent. He’ll tell her later.


BAD MOON RISING is a fast-paced story in Samhain’s MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S STEAM series. Leeanne Kenedy has written an edgy story that confirms there’s a fine line between love and hate. There’s no way Hailey would ever think of Zach more than a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy. It takes some convincing on his part to bring her around. Will he do it? There are some rough patches alone the way and he’ll turn the tables on her a time or two.


Put this series on your summer reading list and definitely pick up this one. It will keep you entertained, make you want to cry and cheer for the good guy.

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