Bound Hearts - Seduction

Author: Lora Leigh

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

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Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Jesse Wyman is part of a very select group of men called The Trojans who like their sex in a menage. Their aim is to give incredible passion to their women.

Before each marriage, the men need to share their women. This does not set well with Terrie. She and Jesse had come from the wedding of his brother James and Terrie's best friend Ella. She complained because Jesse had kissed Ella but not her. It only gets hotter from there. Terrie thinks Jesse is treating her like a sister and does not want this. She wants to be treated like a woman.


Terrie Wyman's marriage had been abusive both verbally and psychologically. He had complained that her breasts were too big, she was too short, and her hair too thin. Thomas had asked Terrie to have sex with his brother Jesse and he had been very explicit in describing Jesse's desires. Terrie had always said no, but now that Thomas is no longer in the picture.


Terrie had the perfect excuse to go to Delacourte Electronics to seduce one of the vice presidents in charge; another bill from one of Thomas' hidden debts.


Tally Raines (Jesse's secretary and Terrie's best friend) is all for Terrie having a relationship with 'the boss'. Tally disliked Thomas immensely and gives Jesse, a hard time, but she admires him. Tally was the cause of Terrie getting piercings and a tattoo. Jesse thought Tally was a holy terror, a 'wily, sarcastic-tongued little shrew' and 'evil' because she made him do his own filing. He will live to regret saying those things about her.


Ms. Leigh introduces the characters of Tally Raines and Lucien Conover who will have their own book. I definitely look forward to that.


This reviewer is very impressed with the writing of Lora Leigh. I really don't think Ms. Leigh has written a bad book. SEDUCTION is the third installment of the Bound Heart Series. It is so emotional. I was happy to see an Alpha man lose control. The chemistry between Jesse and Terrie is so explosive. This book is so emotional. As long as Ms. Leigh writes, this reviewer will buy. 


Lora Leigh has won an award from Ellora's Cave as being the 'Best Selling Author of the Year'.  

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Phyllis

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