By Suzie Housley
Jan 20, 2010 - 6:11:27 PM

Daphne made the decision to come for a two-week visit to see her friends Kate and Derek. When Kate and Derek decide to spend the weekend in Austin, that left Daphne alone with the most handsome cowboy she had ever seen, Cord Burnett.  Daphne fantasies run wild of all the ways she would like for Cord to explore her body, but he hasn’t given any indication that he would be interested.


When Cord learns that he and Daphne are alone on the ranch, he doesn’t think there will be enough cold showers to last the weekend.  He has been working hard to keep his thoughts hidden because he knows Daphne is way out of his league.  All he would ever be able to offer her is his life on the ranch.  He knows that Daphne is an educated woman, who would grow bored with his simple lifestyle.


The close quarters bring Cord and Daphne together.  There is an electrical pull that neither one of them can resist.  Will the passion they discover be enough to last?  Or will it be a simple diversion that will end once Daphne’s vacation is over.


Lolita Lopez has done a wonderful job in writing SPURS.  Her smooth writing style is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.  Cord and Daphne’s chemistry sizzles; it will have you wanting to take a trip out west to discover if cowboys are as sexy as she portrays them.


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