Bound Hearts - Submission

Author: Lora Leigh

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: Available Now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Ella moved back home in the hope that she can re-build her relationship with her daughter Tess. Ella had walked in on Tess, Cole and Jesse she says some cruel and hurtful things in her shock at seeing her daughter with both men and obviously enjoying it.

Ella continually fights her inner demons; her bitter harsh exterior hides a passionate woman who denies her needs, as being perverted.

Ella had endured her husband's sexual preferences and with her refusal to submit and unable to be turned on by him, until one time when her husbands friend James walks in on them, he looks down at her and she feels herself becoming aroused. Ella fought her attraction to James knowing that he had the same sexual preferences as her husband, submission. But know he is living in her home as a guest will she be able to continue to deny her feelings?

James had always loved and lusted after Ella, but she was married to his friend. He fantasised about her and wanted her to submit to him.  Know he is living in her home. Will James be able to break down the walls that Ella has built around herself and reach the passionate woman beneath?

SUBMISSION is the 2nd book in Lora Leigh's BOUND HEARTS series. Lora Leigh has created a wonderful tale of an embittered woman who hides behind a facade because she feels that her lustful thoughts are wrong. A man she feels is too young, whose passion is to dominate and make her submit. Something Ella refuses to do.

In many ways SUBMISSION is a heart-warming story after reading how nasty she was in SURRENDER to see her change from a cold woman to one that is warm and sexy is wonderful to behold. SUBMISSION is very erotic with a BSDM theme that tantalises and titillates the palate. James is a very caring but demanding man and it comes through in the dialogue between Ella and James. I loved this book maybe because Ella was so prickly and James so smooth. SURRENDER was a very enjoyable read. Again with each book Lora Leigh creates a bigger picture I love this ability in Lora Leigh 's writing it keeps you guessing and with each novel you learn more about each of her characters and introducing new ones with just enough information to tease you until the next book. I am very much looking forward to reading SEDUCTION the next book in the Bound Hearts series.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Gail Northman

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