28 Days of Heart Series – Love is Blindness
By Suzie Housley
Feb 1, 2010 - 6:15:59 PM

Professor Kieran was captivated by the man who entered the club with three women.  His beauty took his breath away; being chaperoned by three women convinced him that he was straight.  He was surprised when one of the ladies led the man over to where he was sitting and abandoned him for her girlfriend's company.

The man introduced himself as Lucien; there was an air of mystery that surrounded him.  It took a few moments for Kieran to realize that Lucien was blind, but that didn’t take away from his allure.  Kieran was thrilled to learn that Lucien's friends were lesbians and that he was gay.  He suggested that they go back to his place to get to know one another better.


Lucien hides a secret, which once revealed, Kieran’s life will never be the same.  Will he agree to allow Lucien to give him eternal life?


Sean Michael has written a delightful story of two characters that fit perfectly together.  This author always writes such passionate love scenes.  28 DAYS OF HEART SERIES – LOVE IS BLINDNESS is a wonderful way to explore love through the eyes of two deserving souls.


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