Perfect Switch
By Phyllis Ingram
Jul 12, 2004 - 10:43:00 AM

Madison was house sitting for her twin sister Marley when she 'swiped' the invitation for

'the fantasy of a lifetime'.  Mind you, Marley is a glamorous movie star, Meredith is not. Marley has long blond hair, Meredith , well, let say, has hair.

Tony Valentine has taken Meredith to the acting studio that is deep in debt and he hopes that 'Marley' can teach acting classes and help get the studio out of debt.  They don't have much time to do this.  They have planted reporters so that the studio will receive publicity. Meredith tries to tell Tony that she really is not Marley, but of course, he does not want to listen.   There are these beautiful clothes for 'Marley' to wear and lots of stilettos.  Meredith is more of a casual person and does not like to wear the gown and high heels. 


Meredith has a lot of issues with her family.  She thinks their parents always ' liked Marley better' because Marley is the famous actress. Meredith thinks she is the family klutz.

PERFECT SWITCH is a delightful story and I enjoyed it immensely. It was a romantic comedy, but did not lack spice.  It gave me lots of laughs. I had not read anything by Lisa Plumley before, but have since bought MAKING OVER MIKE and FALLING FOR APRIL .  I hope to read whatever else Ms. Plumley writes.

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