Pitch Black: A Black Cats Novel

Author: Leslie Parrish

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

Release Date: August 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Samantha Dalton was a woman with a cause. After two members of her family were burned by cybercrimes, she dedicated her life to trying to protect others. The publisher of a website and a blog, she does her best to spread awareness of the dangers found online. When the FBI comes to ask her help, she is more than willing to assist them. Especially after she finds out that the case they need her help with is one that has hit her close to home.

Special Agent Alec Lambert was injured in the line of duty, and then forced to transfer into the CAT unit. An expert profiler, he has been working on Darwin's case for years. When a lead on the case sends him to Sam, he is immediately hit with an almost irresistible attraction. But Sam is reeling from an ugly divorce, and the actions of the killer. Will the FBI be able to track down the killer before he targets Sam?

Darwin was a superior man. Bored with what he saw as the ineptness of the human race, he had taken it as a personal mission to remove the people that he viewed as too stupid to live. Using the internet to find his victims, he was very careful to put them into situations that truly demonstrated Darwin ’s Law-survival of the fittest. When he found Sam’s blog online, he thought he had found a kindred spirit. What will happen when Darwin finds out that Sam is more than she seems?

PITCH BLACK is the ultimate edge of your seat thriller. The technology angle will have you looking at the internet in a completely new light. It is almost scary to think that the things in this book could happen! The attraction between Alec and Sam is great, and adds a whole new dimension to the book. Darwin is a fantastic villain, and his identity remains a mystery right up until the end of the story. An entertaining cast of secondary characters helps to add depth to the story, making this a great second book in the BLACK CAT trilogy.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Noelle

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