Raw Silk
By Maree Schuler
Jan 12, 2011 - 9:23:49 PM

RAW SILK is one of the most decadently dirty books I have read in a very long time. This is a BDSM novel that encompasses a woman’s journey to sexual freedom in Bangkok.  This is not a book for those who are not into erotic exploits that push society’s boundaries. There is a smorgasbord of sexual exploits that range from f/f on stage action to a very intense scene with forced punishment.

When I first began reading I was instantly dragged into Kate’s world as she began her new journey in Bangkok. There is a very intense vibe that begins almost right away and never lets up.  While Kate is very aware of her sexuality, she still yearns for more. While working to develop a new software program, she begins affairs with two very different men. Somtow is a prince of men, literally, who wastes no time in his seduction. He introduces Kate to a world where sex is not something dirty but is rather something to be worshipped.

Soon after her encounter with Somtow she meets Gregory who owns an adult club in the entertainment district. As she allows herself to be drawn in to his world of public sex, BDSM and M/s through scorching hot encounter, Kate begins to learn about a side of herself that she never dreamed existed. While these two men hold her attention and push her in ways that she never dreamed of there is a third man who captivates Kate’s attention as well, her American lover David.

After David arrives in town Kate is forced to make a choice between her three men. Will it be her Prince, her Master, or her best friend? Of course just to make things that much more interesting there is some naughty workplace things going on, a transvestite dancer and a pony ride that made me more than a little hot under the collar!

This is by far one of the best erotic novels that I have read and it fully deserves every one of the five ribbons I am giving it! But it does make me wonder what the characters could do with them.

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