Blind Date After Dark 3: The Mistletoe Mistake
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2009 - 1:50:56 PM

Erica Porter’s Christmas season is off to a brilliant start.  She’s been offered her dream job at Thorne Industries and she’s not about to do anything to screw it up.  All her good intentions go right out the window the minute she spots a drool worthy posterior in the copier room – of course the rest of Mr. Tall, Dark and Delectable is just as impressive.

Stunned by such blatant masculine appeal Erica can’t be faulted for overindulging in such eye candy, but she hadn’t expected to be busted doing so either.  The object of her fascination calls her on her perusal and the inner vixen in her cannot be denied because she spouts off with a stunning question of her own meant to put him in his place but instead he finds great humor in her boldness. 


Erica’s prominently displayed nametag and dedication to getting reports copied before attending the company Christmas party easily label her a newbie.  Since he’s not wearing a nametag he’s obviously been here longer and doesn’t seem inclined to share his name either but there’s no doubt he’s enjoying the verbal sparring.  When he’s finishes with the copier, he steps back and allows Erica to use it but subjects her to the same perusal she did him – much to her irritation. 


When she finishes and gets ready to leave though, she finds herself pulled underneath a sprig of mistletoe and subjected to a kiss that scorches its way clear to her toes.  Of course that leads to other inappropriate office behavior but Erica’s finding it impossible to regret a single moment of the encounter with a man whose name she doesn’t even know.  Well, she doesn’t regret it at all until she arrives at the Christmas party and is introduced to her new boss – and his wife.  Imagine her horror when the man she was just indulging in carnal fantasies with turns out to be her new married boss – or is there more to the situation than she’s aware?


MISTLETOE MISTAKE is the third story in Lara Santiago’s BLIND DATE AFTER DARK series.  I’ve found all these short stories to be humorously captivating but MISTLETOE MISTAKE has an added devilish element which keeps the plotline jumping.  Erica’s bold attitude and ability to challenge ‘her man’ display exactly the sort of traits he needs in his life.  Unfortunately his true identity proves to be a bit problematic but true desire can’t be stopped and love won’t be denied.  Once again Ms. Santiago delivers exactly the sort of storyline her readers have come to treasure.


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