L.A. Caveman
By Jo
Mar 2, 2013 - 11:54:52 PM

When feminist, Stanna, meets her new boss Jake, the caveman, sparks sure do fly.  Every thought, statement and feeling is misconstrued by the other even though it's really chemistry that's drawing them together as they push each other away.

Crooks' L.A. CAVEMAN is a wonderfully written contemporary romance novella with a great storyline that was fast paced and kept my heart racing.  It captured me from the first page to the last and left me wanting more.  There was romance, love, misunderstandings, disagreements, arguments, laughter and tears and lots and lots of chemistry between Stanna and Jake even with them being on opposite sides.  He was her new boss of the men's magazine where she wrote a women's column that Jake felt had no place in his magazine since he was taking it in a new direction.  There was good character development with some background information given on why each acted the way they did.  There were lots of twists and turns and ups and downs to their employer/employee relationship as well as when they took it outside of that role to act on their chemistry. There was a totally unexpected happily ever after which gave the book nice closure especially with the inclusion of the epilogue. 

I have not read books by Crooks before but I look forward to reading her others. If this is her caliber of writing I will definitely be coming back for more. I enjoyed the excerpt of one of her other books at the end of this story.

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