L.A. Cinderella

Author: Amanda Berry

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: June 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0


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Chase Booker, the son of three-time Academy Award winning Matt Booker and diva Madeline Caine is used to the limelight since he grew up in the spotlight. Aspiring actresses had no problem with the spotlight as the publicity helped them get roles. But the endless publicity was hard on any women he dated who were not in the industry. Becca, the girl he had dated in high school, had never been able to get used to the paparazzi being around so much and it had caused the end of their relationship. He had just broken up with his latest girlfriend, Alexis Brandt, and had to decide who he was going to go out with this weekend and where he was going. With a new movie coming out, he needed to be seen. Chase and his partner own a production company, Pandora Productions. For some reason, all of their movies were operating in the red, even the award winning movie they had produced. There was no reason this should be so the partners have their accountants looking into the problem.

A recent college graduate, Natalie Collins did not understand how she had landed her dream job with Pandora Productions. There were so many beautiful people who worked there, and she did not consider herself one of them. She normally wore contacts, but her contacts had ripped and she hadn’t received the new ones yet, so she had to wear glasses to her new job. Her glasses kept slipping down to the end of her nose, but without them, she was unable to see very much. Her roommate Rachel kept up with the tabloids, letting her know everything her boss was doing as well as everyone else in Hollywood.

Carrying overstuffed binders down the hall, Natalie began to lose her glasses as they slid down her nose. Reshuffling the folders, she dropped her glasses just as she ran into a wall. Hearing the familiar voice, she realized that she had just run into her new boss. She had hoped that he would not be as handsome in person, but that was not to be. She had such a crush on him and has watched all of his movies…several times, but she knew he would never look at her in that way. To keep from letting her feelings show, she did everything she could to avoid him.

Assigned the job of looking into the expenses of Night Bloom, the award winning movie and finding out the reason for the cost overrun, Natalie found herself working late at night. Each night she and Chase were the last two in the building so he always walked her to her car. At least that was the reason he gave her. In reality, she exuded a peace and calm that he did not find in the actresses who sought him out. He was ready for something different, but would she go out with him?

Her large brown eyes behind the glasses really got to him as did the business suits that seemed so much sexier than the revealing wear worn by the women he normally dated. He was looking for someone he would look forward to coming home to, someone who would love him for himself, not for what he could do for her career. Just walking Natalie to her car made it feel like something a normal guy would do for his girl.

When Alexis, needing publicity for a part she wanted, asked him to take her to the Golden Globes that weekend, Chase considered using her as a foil, if Natalie would go out with him. That would throw the paparazzi off the trail of his true romantic feelings. Would Natalie be willing to have her man seen on the arm of the beautiful Alexis, or will Natalie think he is just using her?

A fun read, L. A. CINDERELLA, a contemporary romance, is a sensual read that leaves you feeling good. A man and a woman from two different worlds find out just how good life can be when their worlds collide. From the moment Natalie runs into Chase, the sparks fly. Used to overblown women in revealing clothing, Chase shows just how sexy leaving something to the imagination can be. All of his life women have been falling over him for what he can do for them, so he wants a woman who will let him be himself and will love for being just that. He realizes right away that Natalie is that woman, but he fears his very public life will scare her away. Will she trust him enough to believe him rather than the tabloids?    I highly recommend L.A. CINDERELLA to anyone looking for a feel-good read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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