La Fleur de Love, Brown Eyed Girl
By Dottie
Jul 10, 2012 - 11:14:51 AM

Dr. Tiffany LeBlanc has been engaged to her fiancé Tanner for the past two years, but for some reason she has not been able to come up with a date for the wedding. Although she knows that her fiancé is full of lies and excuses, she has five years invested in him. She is not in love with him, but her mother and grandmother had both married money and they expected her to marry him. Although she knows he cheats, her mother has assured her that all men are unfaithful. Her father is one of the faithless, but then so is her mother. Tiffany and her brother Drake had had very little contact with their parents as they grew up. They had, in essence, been raised by their nanny Melinda, who was more like a mother to them than their real mother. Many of her friends have asked her what she sees in Tanner, aware of his wandering eye, but she knows if she breaks it off, she will have to confront her mother and father…something she is not sure she can do.

Scott ‘Red’ McAlister has been attracted to Tiffany since their first meeting and the last thing he wants is to see her tied to a jerk like Tanner. He owns a successful nightclub in Lafayette and is about to open another club in Lake Coburn. Unlike Tiffany, Red comes from a large, loving, boisterous family. His parents have set a loving example and this is the type of marriage that Red wants. At thirty-eight, he has not found the right woman for him. That is, not until Tiffany came along. His sisters are all in the medical field and all graduated magna cum laude, but Red was the exception; he graduated summa cum laude. The close knit family is also musical with each of the siblings playing a different instrument.

Attending a wedding, involving mutual friends, Red asks Tiffany to dance with him. She notices how well they fit together, but she is engaged. That has not stopped her from thinking about the six foot plus hunk quite often, though her heated thoughts have also been accompanied by guilt. As long as she is with Tanner, she knows she cannot give into temptation. But before the evening is over, Red catches Tanner coming on to his baby sister Annie and breaks his nose. However, he delays telling Tiffany where Tanner is, which earns him a slap. Still Red cannot get her out of him mind and is determined to win her away from Tanner. But just as things seem to be going his way, Red begins getting mysterious phone calls, promising retribution. Red has no idea why someone would hate him so much. But when his nightclub burns down with the body of a young woman inside…a woman who is rumored to be pregnant with his child, he becomes the prime suspect, and he does not want to get Tiffany involved. However, when Tiffany’s life is in danger, he is determined to come to her rescue. Will he be able to save her, or will he lose the woman he has given his heart to?

A truly heartwarming story, BROWN EYED GIRL, the third book in Amazon bestselling author Lori Leger’s wonderful LA FLEUR DE LOVE series, is a passionate, witty contemporary romance that kept me reading well up into the night. There are moments in this beautifully written story that will take your breath away and also those that will have you laughing-out-loud. Ms. Leger’s story will leave you smiling and feeling good. Rich with passion, humor, danger, sexy, complex characters, clever banter, family dynamics, romance and a forever kind of love, this story is one you will want to read more than once. This story can be read as a standalone, despite being part of a series. But once you read this one, I am sure you will be eager to read the rest. There is a secondary romance that is building up by the end of the story between Red’s sister, Annie, and Tiffany’s brother, Drake, which leads up to the fourth amazing story in this series; HEAVEN IN YOUR EYES. I highly recommend BROWN EYED GIRL and look forward to reading more of the stories in this delightful series.

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