Midsummer Nights Steam: Ladies! Meet Red Hot Alaskan Men
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 5, 2007 - 2:44:40 PM

Chastity Cuthbert prides herself on bringing love to the men who live and work in the Last Frontier - Alaska. The Alaskan Connection has been very successful in matching up couples. Unfortunately, Chastity has been too busy finding love matches to worry about the sorry state of her own nonexistent love life.

Every year The Alaskan Connection picks a new destination to gather information about the men to bring back to the women of the ‘lower forty eight.’ That information is then used to select prospective candidates to bring to their town and hopefully find a love match from the available men. This year the destination selected is Smithfield, Alaska, only there’s a little problem - the mayor of Smithfield does not want her ‘wild women from the lower forty-eight’ in his town. He’s even gone so far as to travel all the way to Chicago just to make her aware of the fact that he’s venomously opposed to the visit.

Dave Wellington, Mayor of Smithfield has valid reason to abhor the idea of a match making group bringing women looking for love into his town. His own brother had his heart broken by a woman from the lower forty-eight and he has no desire to see the same thing happen to another good man. Besides this is the first year that they’ll be bringing tourism into Smithfield and he doesn’t want or need the distraction that the hot-to-trot floozies will cause.

Dave may have come to Chicago to try to change Chastity’s mind but it’s obvious that there’s no way to convince her to leave his town alone. They end up in an ugly argument and then they end up having to share a cab. Chastity had intended to return to her apartment but the icy road conditions have the cab driver refusing to drive any further once they reach Dave’s hotel until the roads have been salted. Their mutual anger and desire culminate to make for one hot night, but what will happen when they meet up again - this time on his turf?

LADIES! MEET RED HOT ALASKAN MEN is one of those stories that just pulls you into the storyline and doesn’t let go until the very last page. Chastity genuinely believes in her company and enjoys playing a matchmaker. Dave may seem like an overbearing ass but he’s still smarting from his brother’s heartache and wants to protect the other men of his town. I got the biggest kick out of Freddie, Chastity’s best friend and a transvestite. He’s a real character and I loved the conversations between him and Chastity. If you’ve ever visited Alaska, you know just how vast and lonely it can feel, but you’d also recognize the raw beauty and power of the land, add in some men looking for companionship and you have the ideal situation for finding that perfect somebody.

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