Lady Knight
By Heather Eileen
Sep 1, 2007 - 10:33:47 AM

LADY KNIGHT is the story of Michael Turco's search for a nefarious mischief maker among a community of people reliving medieval days. But only with Kate Knight's help does he stand a chance of successfully assimilating into the intricately woven society.

Michael Turco's brother was wounded in a joust gone awry at an event reliving the chivalry of medieval to renaissance Europe . Desperate to find the person responsible for his brother's handicap, Michael resolves to enter the community undercover. Of course, without an escort into the community, Michael knows he won't get further than the door before it is slammed in his face.


Enter Kate Knight, paralegal by day, seamstress by night. Kate joined Lords and Ladies of Chivalry in an attempt to escape her troubled past. Kate is a Knight, fighting in the arena with the best of them, determined to be an independent woman. Michael Turco's gorgeous good looks and feelings for Kate were not part of her plan!


Kate introduces Michael to the Lords and Ladies of Chivalry, helping him integrate into their world in order to find the person responsible for the series of accidents happening more and more frequently. What both of them are unprepared for is Michael's determination to integrate himself into Kate's heart.


I had a great time reading this novel! Bancroft's characters are funny and heartwarming. I found myself rooting for all of them. The connections between them are genuine, their troubles tugging on my heartstrings and their successes making me smile.


Set against the background of the Lords and Ladies of Chivalry, readers will be exposed to a whole new world of Lords and Ladies. Living according to a long forgotten code of politeness minus all the trials and tribulations which accompanied our actual medieval history. Bancroft couldn't have chosen a more original background-instead of diving directly into medieval times; she chose to depict modern day societies reliving medieval glory days. Readers fascinated by that era will be p leasantly surprised at Bancroft's rendition of present day re-enactment.

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