Lady Lillian's Guide to Amazing Sex
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 19, 2007 - 3:16:28 PM

The discovery of her fianc é engaging in an extremely unorthodox position with a hooker shocks Lisa Simpkins into enlisting the help of her best friend and conspirator to help make some major changes in her life. She’s tired of being a boring mousy woman. It’s time to shake things up a little.

It’s never occurred to Lisa that she is missing out on anything until she walks in on Rodney and hears his accusations that she isn’t the type of woman to turn a man on - she’d be a ‘showpiece’ wife. Rather than simply settle for the mundane existence she has been living, Lisa follows her friend Gina’s advice and discovers the sexual being that she’s been denying herself. Gina and Lisa raid a local sex shop and Lisa comes out of the experience enlightened - especially after she picks up a copy of LADY LILLIAN’S GUIDE TO AMAZING SEX.

She now has a confidence she’s never had before but she’s still alone. That’s soon to change because her well-meaning blabbermouth of a best friend informs Lisa’s co-worker (and dream guy) Matt that not only is Lisa single again but she needs a real live man to teach her all about sex. Lisa’s humiliated by having her secrets confided to the one man who’s starred in her fantasies, but having him agree to aid her in her time of need makes it all worth it.

Matt Richards had his eye on Lisa even before her big makeover. While nothing could have prepared him for Gina’s outspoken banter, he’s delighted to learn of Lisa’s single status and stunned at Gina’s request to tutor Lisa on being more adventurous in the bedroom. It’s a request he can’t turn down. Lisa has no desire to get romantically involved - she’s already had her heart broken and refuses to be hurt like that again. Will she be able to keep herself from falling for Matt?

Nancy Lindquist does it again! LADY LILLIAN’S GUIDE TO AMAZING SEX kept me entertained from the very first page to the last. I loved how Matt and Lisa related to each other and the easy-going sexual encounters between them. Gina is one of those friends you want to hug and strangle at the same time and she’s a character you’ll genuinely love throughout this storyline. I got a real kick out of Lisa telling her mother off. She’s allowed her mother to rule her life for far too long and getting her to step back won’t be easy. It’s great fun to read about their confrontations. This book combines pregnancy hormones (Gina’s), lust, love, sexual aids, a busybody friend, and jaw-dropping discussions. Pick up a copy of LADY LILLIAN’S GUIDE TO AMAZING SEX and you’ll find yourself immersed in a satisfying book that is unbelievably hard to put down.

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