Lakeshore Christmas
By Dottie
Oct 1, 2009 - 12:21:12 PM

Maureen Davenport is the librarian and branch manager at the Avalon Free Library.  The library burned down years ago and a young boy died in the fire.  Maureen loves to read and the genre of book does not matter; she loves all types of books.  A romance in Paris when she was younger left her brokenhearted when she discovered her lover was married.  So, she left Paris and returned home.  Now she lives in a cozy apartment with two cars and lots of books.  She is producing the annual Christmas Eve pageant this year and she is very excited about it. 


Eddie Haven, a very talented musician, is the son of performers.  As a former child star, he soared to fame at the age of six and then his fame died out.  However, his role in the one-hit movie, The Christmas Caper, in which he appeared, kept him alive in people’s minds for decades.  The Christmas Caper became a holiday essential.  As a child, Eddie spent Christmas on the road performing for others.  He did not have a normal Christmas and now he dislikes the holiday.  As he grew older, his name was mentioned in gossip magazines linked with various women, starlets and celebrities, and he drank heavily.  However, an accident on a snowy Christmas Eve, which almost cost him his life, sobered him up.  After the Christmas Eve accident, the court sentenced him to help with Avalon’s annual Christmas Eve pageant.  Now, he is a recovering alcoholic and helps others with the same problem, attending AA meetings daily.  With the silver anniversary of his hit movie, a DVD of the movie is being made and his notoriety has increased, much to his dismay. 


Maureen knows she has to work with Eddie on the pageant.  Though she feels he would never look at her twice, she had a crush on him before she met him, which put her in a defensive mood upon meeting him.  However, as she spends more time with him on the pageant, she finds herself liking him more.  She is not the type of woman that Eddie usually dates, but he finds himself drawn to her.  Maureen has just found out that the library is due to close at the end of the year due to lack of funds.  So she starts a fund to raise money for the library, knowing her chances of keeping it open are slim.  The miserly owner of the property approaches Maureen and offers to keep the library going for a little longer if she lets his grandson Cecil have the lead role in the pageant, despite the fact that Cecil’s singing talent is nonexistent.  However, a new boy in town, Jabez Cantor, auditions and his singing leaves them spellbound.  Eddie wants Jabez for the lead role.  Will she choose Cecil to keep the library open or will she choose the talented Jabez?  Who is this young boy who suddenly showed up in town?  All anyone knows is that his name is Jabez Cantor.  Nothing else is known about him.


LAKESHORE CHRISTMAS, the sixth book in the LAKESHORE CHRONICLES series, is a beautiful contemporary story that is perfect for the holidays.  This warmhearted romance will tug at your emotions.  Brimming with snappy repartee, mystery, romance, surprising plot twists and a touch of the paranormal, this story will be a favorite for readers of many genres.  The terrific ending is unforgettable.  Though this book is part of a series, it is a stand-alone read.  However, I look forward to reading the rest of the series. I absolutely loved this story and I recommend LAKESHORE CHRISTMAS for anyone looking for a great story, for the holidays or at any time.  In addition, Ms. Susan Wiggs included the recipes for some of the delectable food mentioned in the story.


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