Lakeshore Chronicles - The Summer Hideaway
By Dottie
Apr 1, 2010 - 3:03:38 PM

Ross Bellamy is getting out of the army and going home after a two-year tour of duty in which he has been a member of a med-evac unit.  With his silver spoon background, fancy schools, Ivy League education and socially prominent family, the other soldiers have dubbed him Little Lord Fauntleroy, which they have shortened to Leroy.  He wanted to get home to see his sick grandfather, who has always been there for him, and he cannot imagine his life without him.  Ross has learned that family gave life meaning.  All he wants now is a wife and family of his own.

Claire is a home health care worker.  She does not feel safe anywhere.  Her mother, a teenage runaway, had been an addict, who was shot during a drug deal that went wrong when Claire was ten years old. Claire’s life in the foster system was much better, as her caseworker Sherri Burke made sure that she only went to the best families.  As part of a family, she learned what it felt like to be loved and cared for. She dreamed of having a love and a family of her own.  However, she witnessed a crime, which forced her into hiding from someone she had trusted completely.  Now a family of her own is out of her reach.  Needing to be alert, she is always prepared to take off at a moment’s notice.  As a home health care worker, she lives on the fringes of other people’s lives.  George Bellamy, Ross’ grandfather, is her patient now.  With only a couple months left to live, George has made a list of things he wants to accomplish before his death.  He had found Claire by advertising for a private duty nurse on the internet.


Ross’ family thinks Claire is a gold digger, who has kidnapped George for his money.  They inform Ross of their suspicions. So Ross goes to his grandfather, determined to find out about the woman and to get his grandfather to return home and resume treatments.  However, his grandfather is equally determined to enjoy his last days without enduring the ill effects of the treatment.  His case is hopeless, but Ross refuses to accept it.  His grandfather is everything to him. Though he has an attitude around Claire, Ross slowly begins to see that his family’s suspicions of her may be untrue.  In fact, Ross begins to see her as a possible candidate to be his wife.  But how can he convince Claire?  Can he convince the rest of the family that Claire is good for George?


Claire is used to the emotions of a people losing a beloved family member and tries to take it into consideration around Ross.  As time goes by, she begins to have feelings for Ross, but she knows it cannot lead anywhere for fear of putting him in danger.  She needs to trust someone to share the load, perhaps even finding a way to finally have a family of her own.  Could Ross be that person or will she lose him too?


THE SUMMER HIDEAWAY is an intriguing romantic suspense, which I found hard to put down until I finished reading it.  Claire has had a hard life, being alone most of it, living on the fringes of her patient’s lives.  She has no family of her own and one of the people she had trusted completely ended up killing her two foster brothers.  She would have been next if she had not run when she did.  Living day-by-day, she is always prepared to run again.  Ross is at the stage of his life that he wants a family and Claire would be a terrific choice.  He knows she is hiding something, but she is afraid to trust anyone, so he is left in the dark…that is, until she runs again after a very sensual night together.  Dealing with dying, George tries to pair up Ross and Claire before his death, leaving them with life’s greatest gift; love.  Filled with emotional conflicts, love, romance, mystery, death, an exciting plot and charismatic characters, this story is unforgettable.  I highly recommend THE SUMMER HIDEAWAY.


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