Land Sakes: Esmeralda McAbee
By Sherri Myers
Apr 1, 2005 - 8:55:00 AM

Miss Esmeralda McAbee has been replaced by a younger woman as housemother at Priscilla Home, and she isn't sure what direction the Lord would now like her to go. When one of the residents tells Esmeralda about her mother who is looking for a travel companion for a cruise to Alaska, she decides to pack her bags and take the offer.

Wealthy, elderly Mrs. Winifred Winchuster is basically a social outcast with no friends. Traveling with them is chauffeur Percival Pettigrew and two Afghan hounds named Desi and Lucy. As they tour the cemeteries across America, first visiting graves of the stars before heading off on the cruise, Esmeralda wonders what she's gotten herself into. Does she really have the patience to accompany Mrs. Winchuster for a few weeks on her adventures across America before finally sailing on the cruise to Alaska?

Esmeralda McAbee returns in her third novel from Margaret A. Graham, this one titled LAND SAKES. A feisty widow with an eighth-grade education, Esmeralda will delight the reader with her silly observations of life in general. Bringing her own style of religion along with her, Esmeralda isn't pushy but lives what she preaches in a quiet, unassuming manner. She loves to quote "Splurgeon" and enjoys handing out Gospels of John. If you'd like to read a fun book with a touch of mystery, LAND SAKES might be just what you're looking for.

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