Lara's Submission

Author: Claire Thompson & J.W. McKenna

Publisher: Romance Unbound Publishing

Release Date: May 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Lara had known she wanted more for a long time. When she tried to express her secret desires to her husband, he called her a freak, and refused to even discuss it. When she eventually left him, she found a friend in Michael. Eventually, friendship turned into something more. Would Michael be the man who makes her feel like a complete person? Will she be strong enough to admit what she really wants, or will she continue to be afraid of her desires?

Michael had wanted to experience life as a Dom for a long time, and when he met Lara, who wanted to express her submissive side, he thought he had found the woman of his dreams. As their relationship progressed, his feelings for her grew deeper and more intense, and everything seemed to be going well. However, when Lara’s ex husband contacts her, will their new relationship be strong enough to weather the coming storm? Will Michael be able to protect Lara from a potentially dangerous situation?

In the long list of heroes that can make you melt, I would have to rank Michael in my top five. He was a dominant personality, but he also could express his softer side to Lara. I really liked their relationship, and how he was willing to take things at her pace and not rush her into anything. That consideration showed in the love scenes between them, which were very intense. The story was excellent, even for someone who is not interested in the BDSM scene. Excellent job!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Noelle

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